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Empowering Indigenous communities to reconnect with, regenerate, and conserve their sacred Peyote medicine

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Peyote is an ancestral Medicine, a revered plant utilized in ritual and Indigenous identity for thousands of years, and came to the northern tribes at a time of peak colonial devastation, providing healing and cultural resiliency. Peyote has been an integral part of Native American survival.

​Decline in Peyote populations has been reported since the late 19th century and have continued to worsen in recent decades. 

How can we recreate a direct connection to our medicine? How can we ensure utilization of a medicine way of life for many generations to come?


The Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative (IPCI) was created in 2017 out of an understanding that spiritual reconnection and the therapeutic engagement in ceremony and culture is essential to restoring Indigenous community health. 

A call to return to traditional spiritual harvest, clean medicine, and spiritual sovereignty

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Spiritual Homesite

Visit our Spiritual Homesite and learn more about our facilities and next steps.

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About IPCI

Meet our BOD and staff, how our organization was formed, financials.

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Learn more about our ranch harvests, youth program, pilgrimages, and seed return.

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Our most current news! Follow our blog to stay connected.

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 We want to hear from you.

Peyote practioners: Please fill out our feedback form on how to move forward with issues, needs, visions around Medicine Conservation

Allies: Support IPCI's mission by spreading the word and donating to our conservation efforts.

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