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Spiritual Homesite

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The spiritual homesite is a pan-tribal place where many languages are heard, where people can bring their offerings, prayers and hopes and attend to them directly in their own place, where many children grow up knowing their medicine and culture. Programs for Native youth and adults support spiritual and ecological knowledge.


The ‘Spiritual Homesite” master plan was developed with our vision as we imagined, “What is here in one hundred years, when all of us are gone?” What will it be like here for our grandchildren as they support the conservation of the medicine for their grandchildren?”

ABNDN President with digging stick for replanting, ABNDN Pilgrimage 2022.jpeg

Each harvest is conducted in an ecologically and spiritually respectful way. This begins with a spiritual offering and is done in a biologically informed way that promotes regrowth for long-term sustainability.  The harvested medicine will be shared with Indigenous peyote people as a not-for-profit offering for only the money it takes to manage these spiritual and ecological harvests.

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