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Spiritual Homesite - Facilities


The Spiritual Homesite is located in Texas, south of Mirando City. We have finished constructing our first buildings with adobe – the conservation managers house, nursery, and bathrooms. So that there are places for families to camp, children to play, elders to be comfortable, and NAC members to eat and pray together; providing a place for direct and prayerful connection to our medicine in its natural habitat.


Our first adobe house in the gardens serves as home to our Conservation Manager who tends to our homesite and conducts replanting and proper harvest on the network of ranch lands we lease from allied land owners. Many of these land owners are happy to be returning to direct relationships with the Native American ceremony people.

The camping sites and bathhouses on the land are for use by Indigenous medicine peoples of the America’s. 


IPCI will also host Pilgrimage visits in conjunction with ABNDN, NAC-OK, NACSD and NACNA at various times throughout the year.

IPCI's Nursery


It became clear to IPCI leadership that in order to restore balance in the Peyote Gardens replanting was needed. However there was concern from cultural leaders that a modern day production greenhouse model was not appropriate to be housed in the Sacred Peyote Gardens. Over 3 years, with guidance from technical and spiritual advisors and conversations with the DEA, the IPCI team designed a culturally appropriate nursery. 

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The nursery itself is situated on a half acre right next to the Conservation Managers house. In the middle of the nursery there is a germination chamber made of adobe bricks from the clay off the land. Most of the germination chamber is under the ground so that seeds are germinated like they would be in the earth with no electricity or anything unnatural. The chamber is kept at the perfect temperature and moisture content for the babies through pipes that allow airflow. Once babies are strong enough, they live in the half acre fenced area as they grow for 3-4 years. At this point they are old enough to survive replanting back to the wild.

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Spiritual Homesite - next steps
IPCI_logo (7).png

Spiritual Homesite - Next Steps

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We are fundraising to build a welcome center with an archive room, museum exhibits, and a classroom as well as murals with Native artists. The museum and murals on site will highlight the beautiful history of the peyote religion. We are also planning on building more housing. The vision is that any NAC/ABNDN chapter will be able to use the Spiritual Homesite as a comfortable place to stay in the gardens.

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