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Cora Kay Chandler

Thanksgiving Event Coordinator

Cora Kay Chandler is an enrolled member of the Aaaniih and a descendant of the Cree people. She makes her home in Billings, Montana, with her family. Her career has been at the Native American
Development Corporation for 4 years serving MT, WY, ND, and SD tribes in economic development, and the Business Manager for the 8(a) Company-American Indian Consulting Services for 3 years. She was an employee at Island Mountain Development Group as the Talent Development Manager, Communications and Marketing Manager, Director of Public Relations and is now the Business
Development Coordinator at Montana Native Growth Fund. Her education is an A.A. and she is currently enrolled at MSU-Billings, and her major is Organizational Communications. She is the owner of
Cora Kay Productions since 2016. Her mission has been to uplift Indigenous people who are in business and artists in fashion, comedy, music, conventions, weddings and art by creating and hosting large-scale events throughout Indian Country.

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