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Yakaiyastai Nanabah Gorman-Etl

Program Manager

Yakaiyastai Nanabah Gorman-Etl (Diné/Cheyenne), is a dedicated indigenous scholar, mother, and wife from Arizona. She has experience as a Wellness Coordinator and Environmental Science Instructor, integrating indigenous methodologies to promote equitable health initiatives through the role of Behavioral Health Program Coordinator and interim Community Health Program Coordinator. Committed to preserving ancestral rights through higher education, Yakaiyastai holds traditional Navajo knowledge and is self-taught in herbal medicine, holistic healing, and food sovereignty. Raised in a traditional Navajo lifestyle, she values traditional teachings and language, influenced by her father and mother. In her role as a Program Manager with Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative, she bridges Traditional and Western medicine practices to serve indigenous communities, emphasizing the importance of indigenous perspectives in her work.

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